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Microsoft MVP OpenSessions 2014


Sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014 desde las 08:30 hasta las 13:30 (Hora estándar de Europa central Hora de España (Madrid))

Microsoft MVP OpenSessions 2014

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Entrada general - #MVPOS14 Finalizado Gratis  

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Detalles del evento

Aprovechando el encuentro internacional de MVP's del sur oeste de Europa, que se realizará en Barcelona los próximos días 20 y 21 de Marzo de 2014, [T]echdencias y Microsoft os abren las puertas de esta cita para conocer de primera mano las primeras espadas de las tecnologías Microsoft, que habitualmente no podemos disfrutar en la Ciudad Condal. Es por ello que os invitamos a disfrutar del primer MVP Open Sessions el próximo sábado 22 de Marzo de 2014 a las 9:00h, en el Hotel Barceló Sants. La agenda de lujo que tenemos preparada para esta ocasión tan especial será sin duda de tu interés:

[9:00 - 9:45] Real-time Data Management in the Cloud [ENG]

Everyone is currently talking about Big Data problems and always think about technologies like Hadoop, Elastic MR and so on, but all those are done for data analytics not in real-time. When we think about real-time systems like CCTV analysis for disturbances, Financial Markets, Manufacturing with real-time adjustments of the production everything becomes different. In this session, we will be talking about: - What is Real-time and when should I care? - Scenarios where it might fit - Event Driven Architectures - How Cloud can help getting real-time solutions - What products/frameworks can help?  

fotografía de Nuno Godinho -  MVP in Windows Azure

Nuno Godinho @NunoGodinho

Director of Cloud Services, Europe @ Aditi Technologies with more than 14 years of Experience and mainly responsible for helping customer to identify, plan, manage and develop software products and solutions in the Cloud, mostly with Windows Azure, where most of these software products and solutions are mission critical and use Microsoft. NET platform from ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Forms, WCF, WF, WPF, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.MVP for the last 6 years, starting with MVP in ASP.NET and for the last 3 years MVP in Windows Azure INETA Country Leader & Leader for several Portuguese communities like PontoNetPT (.NET Development in Portuguese), XAMLPT (Microsoft UX Technologies in Portuguese) and Founder of AzurePT (Windows Azure in Portuguese).



[9:45 - 10:30] Top 3 marketing mistakes your small software company is making [ESP]

Ok, so you’re a software genius and you’ve reached the highest levels in software development. One day you decide to give up your current job and setup your own company to show the world what you can really do. Soon, however, you discover that the hardest part is not related to the technical challenges of the job but, rather, to being able to reach, convince and sell to your target customers. This session will review the three main marketing errors every small ISV makes and how to avoid them, improving your chances to succeed.  

fotografía de José Manuel Alarcón -  MVP in ASP.NET/IIS

José Manuel Alarcón @jm_alarcon

Msc Mechanical Engineering, postgraduate in Business Consultancy.I run Krasis (, a company working in the fields of e-mail marketing, e-learning and publishing, and aimed at on-line training in English for Microsoft developers. I have extensive publishing and journalistic experience, being author of several technical books on programming and engineering, and 300+ articles in technical magazines such as PC World, Windows Magazine, dotNetMania, among others. I often give speeches and conferences about marketing, business, programming, security and e-learning. I've been awarded as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft since 2004 onwards, and is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, MC Professional Developer, and MC Trainer. You can know more about me visiting: (technology and programming Blog in English) (technology and programming Blog in Spanish) (e-mail marketing blog in Spanish)

[10:30 - 11:15] *Hidden* things that slow down your queries on SQL Server [ENG]

I will show you how to identify and solve some of the most important and not so much visible things that slowing your SQL Server performance:

  • Memory Grants
  • TempDB Spills
  • and more :)

Independently from application or platform you are using – these are the core principles of SQL Server database. This principles apply to Azure SQL Database as well ;)  

fotografía de Niko Neugebauer -  MVP in ASP.NET/IIS

Niko Neugebauer @NikoNeugebauer

My name is Niko Neugebauer and I am a Software Designer, living in Portugal.In the recent years I am being fascinated by the data (big and small) and its analysis. Especially I enjoy working with SQL Server, which has become the main tool of my daily job. I like to write about Clustered Columnstore Indexes and SQL Server. I have founded the Portuguese SQL Server User Group back in 2010 which I am leading organizing monthly meetings, and I am heading the organization committee for the SQLSaturday events in Portugal. I work as a BI Consultant for OH22. I present on the topics of Microsoft Data Platform around the world at SQLSaturdays, SQLBits, PASS Summit, User Groups and local events such as Microsoft BI Conference in Portugal. I love the human-computer interaction, and I adore design, but most of all – I enjoy making technology making the life easier, people more connected with each other.


[12:00 - 12:45] Design and develop crossplatform mobile apps with MVVMCross [ENG]

Today's mobile market is a very dynamic one with three dominating major platforms: Windows, iOS and Android. In order to reach more users and to sustain the migration between the various platforms the mobile applications should be designed with an cross-platform approach in mind. In this session we will see how using the MvvmCross framework we can develop native mobile cross-platforms applications using C# and share the source code between the three platforms. This allows better time to market but even more important better maintainability.  

fotografía de Dan Ardelean  -  MVP on Client Development

Dan Ardelean @danardelean

Passionate about mobile technologies and programming. Honored to be an Microsoft MVP on Client Development and Nokia Developer Champion, love to help if I can - Italy ·

[12:45 - 13:30] No te cortes y sube tus web y servicios a la nube !!! [ESP]

Ahora todo el mundo habla sobre el cloud computing, pero que hago con mis proyectos actuales si necesito escalar sin morir en el intento. NO necesitas ser un experto para que tus webs escalen sin problemas. En esta charla veremos de forma práctica como subir nuestros proyectos y servicios a la nube para poder escalar o reutilizar aprovechando toda la potencia del cloud.  

fotografía de Marc Rubiño  -  MVP on ASP.NET /IIS

Marc Rubiño @Marc_Rubino

Marc Rubiño Key Consultant en Pasiona, Colaborador habitual con los grupos de usuarios y Divulgador Tecnológico en la Fundación Techdencias. Microsoft MVP ASP.NET-IIS desde el 2011. Linkedin:

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Cuándo y dónde

Barcelo Sants Hotel Barcelona
s/n Plaça dels Països Catalans
08014 Barcelona

Sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014 desde las 08:30 hasta las 13:30 (Hora estándar de Europa central Hora de España (Madrid))

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Microsoft MVP OpenSessions 2014
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