Ana Curra

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Spanish keyboard player, singer and composer, born 29 Dic 1958 in El Escorial - Spain where she currently works at the local conservatory as piano teacher. She was a member of the well known band Alaska Y Los Pegamoides and played a major role in popular bands like Paralisis Permanente and Los Seres Vacios. She also recorded as Ana Curra and had other projects like Los Vengadores (together with Alaska, Manolo UVI, José Battaglio etc.). She also has different collaborations with bands and artists like El Último Eslabón, Gabinete Caligari, Alaska Y Dinarama, Loquillo Y Trogloditas etc. Since 2011 she's part of a 5 member band where they play most compositions by Paralisis Permanente with a notorious success. This is called "Ana Curra presenta El Acto".