The Sisters Of Mercy

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Band formed in Leeds, UK, 1980, by singer Andrew Eldritch and guitarist Gary Marx. Eldritch is the only surviving member of the original line-up, the band was notoriously different on each album. The band never had a drummer and used a progression of drum machines all named Doktor Avalanche. The group released a series of singles and was joined by Craig Adams on bass and Ben Gunn on second guitar. When they released their first album, "First and Last and Always", Wayne Hussey replaced Ben Gunn. Gary Marx left soon afterwards. Eldritch fell out with Adams and Hussey when they began working on a follow-up album and the group split. In 1986, Adams and Hussey started touring as using The Sisterhood. To stop them using the name, Eldritch recorded "" with the help of collaborators Alan Vega (Suicide), Lucas Fox, Patricia Morrison (The Gun Club), James Ray (James Rays Gangwar) and Doktor Avalanche. Adams and Hussey became The Mission instead. Morrison subsequently became a member of the Sisters of Mercy for the release of "Floodland", though Eldritch later claimed she didn't contribute to the album. Eldritch assembled a new group to record their third and, so far, final album "Vision Thing" – recruiting first Andreas Bruhn, and then Tony James (formerly of Sigue Sigue Sputnik) and Tim Bricheno (All About Eve). A disastrous tour followed and the band started to have problems with their label. This line-up started to disintegrate, with Tony James left first to launch a solo career, then Bricheno started working on to his new project XC-NN and Bruhn recorded his own solo album, . In 1992, the group rerecorded the band's early song 'Temple of Love' with Ofra Haza on additional vocals, to coincide with the release of "Some Girls Wander by Mistake", a compilation of their early singles. Bricheno officially left at the end of 1992 and was replaced by Adam Pearson. The last new material released by the band was the 'Under The Gun' single in 1993, which accompanied the release of "Greatest Hits Volume One - A Slight Case Of Overbombing". Eldritch began a feud with EastWest Records and refused to release any more new material. Although the situation with the label was resolved in 1997, no new releases have appeared Since then the band has, however, toured frequently with a series of new members.