Camp Fuerteventura | The Flow State or How to Enter The Zone.

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Camp Fuerteventura | The Flow State or How to Enter The Zone.

Prepared to leave the comfort zone and experience a life changing experience? Enhance psychic and physical well-being for live!

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Av. del Istmo, 6 6 Avenida del Istmo 35627 La Pared Spain

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Camp Fuerteventura ★7 Days and 7 nights★ Open Sky Adventure

Level up your vitality and productivity so that you can focus on all that is valuable in life and in the world. A journey of self-discovery that will become the adventure of your life.

Practice biohacking techniques that revolutionize human performance. Immerse yourself in the experience of letting your mind flow. Unleash the power of rituals used by high-performing professionals and elite athletes when it comes to focus and performing at your best.

A state of permanent stress does not equate to peak performance. Entering the Zone, requires the handling of emotions, a key factor to achieve optimal cognitive performance. By exposing ourselves to controlled stress situations, we learn to manage our emotions and our mind; till we discover how to enter the Zone at will.


14:00 Meet the other adventures & lunch

17:00 Presentation (questions & answers)

18:00 Camp Opening

19:00 Indigenous stories at the campfire


10:00 The benefits of fasting

11:00 Breathing and the immune system

11:30 Trekking and primary movements

18:30 Dynamic meditation

19:30 Dinner and group dynamics


10:00 Energy breathwork

11:00 Ocean Plunge

12:00 Integrative body-mind training

13:00 Test your geographical orientation

18:30 Transcendental Meditation

19:30 Dinner

21:00 Open sky night ritual


10:00 Ocean walking meditation

12:00 Breathing and emotional control

13:00 Endurance training in nature

19.00 Nature and your true self


10:00 Activation of meridians (stretching)

11:00 Meditation and brain waves

12:00 Energy breathwork

13:00 Ocean Plunge

20:00 Philosophical thought and the genius


10:00 Basics of peak brain performance

11:00 The power of rituals

12:00 Embrace introspection in solitude

18:00 The art of mindful eating

19:00 Dinner, sagas and legends


10:00 Energy breathwork

11:00 Pico de La Zarza Summit

17.00 Understanding metacognition

19:00 Dinner and camp recapitulation


10:00 Brunch at the airport

Driving a lifestyle change requires more than an effective method “no purpose will work if our subconscious is not aligned with the change”. Rituals are symbolic representations with which we involve our emotions. They are events that help change the paradigms of the subconscious and drive it to action, thus committing it to a sustainable change over time. Accept the challenge of doing without digital connection and detach from food for up to 72 hours.

* What to bring: backpack, sleeping bag, insulating mat, comfortable summer, and warm clothing, swimming wear, trekking suitable shoes, sun protector, notebook or diary and pen and a spirit of adventure.

Camp Fuerteventura | The Flow State or How to Enter The Zone. image
Camp Fuerteventura | The Flow State or How to Enter The Zone. image
Camp Fuerteventura | The Flow State or How to Enter The Zone. image