Cybernetic Lenses for Designing and Living in a Complex World

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Cybernetic Lenses for Designing and Living in a Complex World

Josh Andres,Alex Zafiroglu,Katherine Daniell,Paul Wong,Mina Henein,Xuanying Zhu,Ben Sweeting, Michael Arnold,Delia Pembrey,Ariella Helfgotte

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Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:00 - Mon, 27 Jun 2022 03:00 PDT



About this event

Our world is moving through a period of global crisis and change with the COVID-19 pandemic and increasingly extreme climate change-related events such as mega-fires and heatwaves while booming with technological innovation around AI-enabled systems. From this situation, we are learning about the fragility of the systems we live in. As such, considering alternative design research approaches to investigate, design and live in complex environments is vital for our future. In this hands-on half day workshop called “Cybernetic Lenses for Designing and Living in a Complex World” we introduce cybernetics and demonstrate its applicability to study complex relations between humans, non-humans, technology, and the environment in which they coexist to reveal opportunities that can steer us towards more positive futures. With this context, our goal is to provide theory about how to use the cybernetic lenses we present and follow with practical exercises so participants can explore and incorporate this design research approach into their practice.

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