Alaya Activity Week
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Alaya Activity Week

Alaya Activity Week

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Cal Pau Cruset

Barri Mas Bertran s/n

08373 Torrelles de Foix


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We would like to welcome you to an unforgettable activity week with hikes to the most beautiful spots in nature, meditations, wine tasting tours, good company and much more …

We called it Alaya Week due to the name of the recently built activity room which we are going to use for our group activities. The word Alaya comes from Sanskrit meaning “base or home “; it is also the ground state of existence or consciousness, the place from which all things arise and exist.

The main idea is to have fun, be active and in touch with nature, relax, open up, meet interesting people and turn into a small family - meet as strangers, leave as friends.

All the activities are optional - you are free to participate in all the organized activities.

Check in time is on Friday November 25th from 16:00 and check out Saturday December 3rd in the afternoon.


Prices range from 810 euros to 1170 euros depending on your desired type of accommodation. If you can't attend for the full 9 days please contact me.

Activity Calendar:

- Meditation in movement in the mornings

- Varying meditations or sound bowl relaxation in the evenings

- Hikes starting from the estate (along and to rivers, waterfalls, castles and hermitages). See animation below!

- Wine Tasting Tours to Bodegas Torres and Parès Baltà.

- Hike to Montserrat Mountain. See image below!

- Visit to Villages "on the Rocks" Castellet and Siurana. See animation below!



- Visit to Les Deus Adventure Park. See images below!

Download the detailed Information Brochure:

Included in the price are:

- Accommodation

- 3 daily vegetarian meals or pick-nick / barbecue if we are not on the estate at meal hours. For meat eaters there is an additional cost of 5 euros per day for a meat dish that will be prepared separately from the main dish.

- Meditations

- Sound bowl relaxation

- Hikes and excursions

What is not included:

- Transport to places that are further away like Monserrat, Siurana, Castellet, Les Deus Adventure Park and Bodegas Torres.

These prices depend on the group size and if we can go with our own cars or rental cars or if we need to hire a transport company. We encourage rental cars and car pooling (if possible starting at the airport) which will be a very cheap option since expenses can be shared. For the coordination of this I ask you to inform me about your arrival times and if you plan to rent a car.

- Entrance fees for Wine Tasting Tours.

Bodegas Torres: 8,50 - 24 euros

Parès Baltà: 14 euros

- Optional electrical rental bikes for the Wine Tasting Tour.

- Entrance fee to Les Deus Adventure Park. 17 to 32 euros.


- Accommodation, food, meditation, hikes: approx. 810 - 1170 euros

- Wine tasting tours: 8,50 - 38 euros

- Les Deus Adventure Park: 17 - 32 euros

- Transport: Depends on the amount of participants.

How to get there:

Cal Pau Cruset is located 40 minutes from Barcelona. There are 3 airports relatively nearby. Barcelona is the nearest, then Reus (Ryanair) and Girona (Ryanair). The nearest train station is in Vilafranca del Penedés.

For train schedules go here:

For more information please write to:

For more information on the estate:

For more and higher definition photos on the different places to visit have a look at the Everything Nature Facebook page. All the albums bearing the name Cal Pau Cruset - display pictures taken in the area.

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Cal Pau Cruset

Barri Mas Bertran s/n

08373 Torrelles de Foix


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