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Infinite Flowing - Conscious Water Massage Training Course - SanBlas Panama

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Guna Yala

Guna Yala


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“Through infinite flowing movements in and under water we offer a contained space in which the physical body can relax and the mind can let go, achieving a deep meditative state to strengthen confidence in yourself and life.”

Welcome to this life changing INFINITE FLOWING - AGUAHARA Conscious Water Massage Training this December 2017

This Training is taught by Sergio Calancha from Spain and Simone Pfirter from Switzerland, both Infinite Flowing - Aguahara trainers, water dancers, meditation and yoga teachers. We teach in Europe, India and Central America. It is our passion to share and teach this beautiful healing art which is about learning how to flow in Water and Life.

• WHEN: From 1st to 17th of December 2017

• WHERE: In the warm waters of the San Blas islands, a hidden paradise of more than 360 islands in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Panama which are inhabited by the indigenous native people known as the Kunas.

• LANGUAGES: The course will be taught in English and Spanish. French is also possible.

Do you want to integrate flow in your everyday life?

Are you ready to explore and deepen in your relationship with water?

In this intensive 2 week course you will learn to become more conscious of the element of water, to move and be moved by it, to feel the flow, and to recognize your natural flow throughout the course. Awakening your awareness of the importance of water, knowing that we are more than 80% water.

By trusting and letting go in the water your mind relaxes and your body dissolves any physical tension.

You will learn how to find balance between giving and receiving.


• Teachings in the water, 4-6 hours daily

2-3 Theory lectures per week

On land activities, such as conscious body movement work related to the healing art of Infinite Flowing - Aguahara

Dance in Water and on land

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Trips to other islands and magical places for special classes to practice, explore and dance in different waters.


• LEVEL 1: Surface movements, stretching the body in water, relaxing the physical body through learning a precise technique, connecting and synchronizing the breathing of the giver with the receiver and first exercises to develop your inner listening.

• LEVEL 2: First under water movements, going deeper in connecting with the breathing of the person, taking the person to a more meditative state of mind and introducing the Dance in water as a unifying tool. Body/mind connection.

One of the main aspects of Infinite Flowing - Aguahara is to develop Presence, body consciousness and inner listening to offer a safe space in which the person that receives the session can trust, surrender and let go of any emotions or limiting beliefs that hold them back from being completely free and synchronized with life.


The lodging on the islands are ecofriendly huts built with bamboo by the native Kunas.

They are very authentic, simple huts completely connected to nature right by the turquoise water. Part of the Infinite Flowing - Aguahara journey is to disconnect from social medias to feel that deep reconnection with nature and the bio rhythm of the planet, the sun and the moon!


The amount of students is limited as we like to work with small groups for a personalized and higher quality of teaching.

To receive a PDF file with all the info and details about the course, accomodation, prices and more contact us:

Simone: +34693454376

Sergio: +34636249075

We welcome you with open hearts to share this life changing journey with us in the magical Caribean Water.

Love and Gratitude

Simone & Sergio

More info:


The San Blas Islands or Kuna Yala are more than 360 islands home of the Kunas who will receive us and host us during our course. Thank You!


Fecha y hora


Guna Yala

Guna Yala


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