This is Wuatuzo 1st! Thanks To exitoso Ivan from CR-Gurus, Tour to Venecia...

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Contiguo a Edificio Centro Colon.

Paseo Colón

San José, San José

Costa Rica

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Política de reembolso

Política de reembolso

Reembolsos hasta 7 días antes del evento

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The CEO of CostaricanGurus announced that with a representative of the UTUR University in Costa Rica, are taking a group of tourists to an amazing tour on a caravan of private cars and shuttles, to an exclusive hidden ecotouristic event to develop a rural area, secretly undevelop in the closest natural wonders with hot spring waters, rain forrests, waterfalls and more, to learn on how to create a substainable touristic project, with financial options and business advice through the University and to be for one day or 2 days trip on a weekend, Saturday March 30th, departing 8 a.m. from San Jose, Costa Rica. THE ENTRANCES LIMIT TO RESERVE IS MARCH 25 TH. CALL - 60530677.

The advisors of the CRG gurus will visit the following tourist areas on the trip:

-Waterfalls in La Paz, (1 Most visited private ecological attraction in Costa Rica that offers the best excursions near San José, the most famous waterfalls in Costa Rica, animal sanctuary with more than 100 species of animals, and an environmental education program.)

-The property for sale at great discount (code name #ecohotspringspa) and

-the nearest thermal springs: Recreo Verde (popular, authentic place and quiet of Costa Rica, where you can relax and enjoy with family and friends for a very affordable price).

If you stay longer, you need to rent an AirBnb or book a hotel we can do it for you.

The company CRG CostaRicanGurus, with this event #Wuatuzo will take the guests and visitors to this private land in the beautiful rural Venecia San Carlos, to see firsthand the benefits. According to the owner of the land for sale, at deep discount, Mrs Morales, "this property is close to hot spring waters and that is a big plus for any one in the world, due to the healing and therapeutic effects long term. We are giving this last chance opportunity to outsiders and foreigners to invest on it."

In the beautiful big property in rural Venecia San Carlos Costa Rica, you'll discover:

- Excellent investment in Venecia, Costa Rica's Northern Zone. Close to folcloric towns in rural area with warm people
- Surrounded by woods, meadows and crystal crossed by mountain streams
- 15 minutes away to hot spring waters. Affordable investment that should not break your bank…
- In pre-Columbian times, was a terrain that still has importance for arqueology. So people have found treasures. WOW
- Close to Ciudad Quesada that is the largest hub offering you any and everything you could ever want or need in your new life in Costa Rica.
- Land can be used for residential development, agricultural or business like hydroponics.

We area allowing this to learn why CR is the top notch in the world, despite the recent events, but with nice investors, can make the most even on a desertic area. However that is not the case of this geografic settlement, surrounded by volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforrest, and great tropical weather.

Remember that the future wars will be due to the fresh water supply that would be missing in the rest of the world, but not in Costa Rica.
Grab this deal on Beautiful big property in rural Venecia SanCarlos Costa Rica while it's still up:make sure you grab it before it's too late!


What does the tour include?

-Tour with private roundtrip transportation
-A meal or typical lunch.
-If there are 100 tourists, we will make a raffle
-Guided by our experienced bilingual host.
- Explanatory talk in the field to be developed
-A surprises like virtual gifts such as Ebooks and more.

Those who participate must take into account some considerations:

It is necessary to make a reservation, or use my phone + 506-60530677 to commit to the Tour and learn more options to participate.

Event requires paying in advance and showing up on the day of the activity with a
time of anticipation, since each private transport has limited space.
It is possible that people can participate in different routes, according to your interests.

Suggested route:

1- Fraijanes Park
2- Waterfall of LA PAZ
3- Land in Venice ON SALE
4- Hot Spring waters resort Recreo Verde

Optional tours without attending Recreo Verde:

1) Volcan Poas (closed due to volcanic activities)
2) Cataratas del Toro
3) Other hotspring water sites.
5) Quebrada Gata – San Carlos. Excellent place with amazing waterfalls.
6) Laguna Congo – Alajuela. A hiddden place in the middle of the forrest on the famous lake, Laguna de Hule, to enjoy swimming.
7) Paraíso De Manantiales, Río Cuarto. It is all a trip by itself. Many waterfalls to discover. Total fun to get wet and have a great memory.
8) Las Gemelas Fantásticas – Bajos Del Toro
9) Vuelta Del Cañon – Bajos Del Toro
10) Catarata Caída Del Cielo – Bajos Del Toro
11) Cascadas Pozo Azul – Colonia Del Toro

Additional activities with extra price for booking with time:

1) Bird watching with guide and telescope
2) Transport of bicycles for mountain bike
3) Detection of precious metals in private lands
4) Aerial photography course with drone
5) Raffle and bingo

Materials: Bring comfortable clothes.

What to bring? Comfortable clothes for walking, comfortable shoes that can get wet, bathing suit and shorts, sun block, hat, lots of hydration, good snacks, jacket

Considerations in Optional Tours:

Distance: 4km on average in the optional destinations

Difficulty: Medium-High, broken stone terrain, some wet parts and
technical (you have to cross rivers).
Time: 4 hours on average in the optional destinations.

Yes, the participation of groups organized by companies, institutions or individuals is possible.

More information at 85010172

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

It is essential that you present your valid identity card or passport. The minimum age is 21 years old.

What transportation / parking options do I have to go to and from the event?

You can arrive by bus, Uber or taxi to the selected location such as the

Hostal Selina in San José, where we will be for 15 minutes and finally the stop
waiting at the Centro Colón Building, on the east side in front of the classrooms of the
University of Tourism, at 8 a.m.

As in most of our tours, we will do carpooling so everyone is welcome to join us. In previous events we had up to 3 vehicles full and have been a success!

What can I take to the event?

We will look for the cheapest places to eat but everyone can take their
own food if you wish. You can carry a backpack or something not very big
because we will be using light vehicles or a private microbus.

How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?

To confirm attendance please write to me at + 506-60530677, or 8501-0172.
Use the WhatsApp of the phone 6053-0677.
In the WhatsApp group we will coordinate transport and others.

Should I bring my printed ticket to the event?
It is not necessary, but you can present us in your smart phone, the email of
confirmation, along with your ID.

Can I update my registration information?

It is better to update it by contacting Ivan before the event by cell phone.

Can I transfer the rate of my registration or entry?

The exception can be made by contacting Ivan before the event by cell phone.

Is it worth if the name on my entry or registration does not match the person who

It's not good for security reasons. But you must notify in advance for an exception.

What are the payment options for the tariff (Cover fee ticket) of Transportation?

You can only pay through the Paypal system on the Internet present in
EventBrite (registered to COSTARICAN GURUS CRG) or you can also
do with a deposit made, one day before at least, of the event, to the account of the
Private bank BAC San Jose.

BAC account for deposit 933129686 (in the name of Ivan Madrigal Morales), in

Description include your ID card number or passport.

If you make the transfer between national or state banks use the account
customer account client 10200009331296869 in the name of Ivan Madrigal Morales. Should also include your ID or passport number in the description.

Audit Policy: Only paying participants will be admitted during the Tour and the real estate business workshop sessions.

Disclaimer of Liability: As our guest, you must comply with our safety rules and are cautioned to pay attention to all warnings By accepting admission with this ticket to the event, you accept release us from any liability for any loss, injury or damage that
may suffer, except for any loss, injury or damage caused by our imprudent, willful or seriously negligent acts. There will be a general waiver in writing, to you for review and signature upon arrival.

REIMBURSEMENT POLICY: All ticket sales are final. We have an accurate count for planning the Tour-workshop therefore there are no refunds after the closing of the registration.

If you are not able to attend, you can sell your ticket to someone who can. Yes
The organizer has a waiting list for this event, we can certainly put him in contact with a buyer.

Alternatively, you can buy travel insurance.

A lot of love and see you soon!

PD: Do you feel like joining? Send me a text message with your number and I will add you to the WhatsApp Group for more information at exact times, updates and so on.

The name of our organization CRG COSTARICAN GURUS

Our mission statement; The small company that revolutionizes your concept to generate new streams of profit with innovation, founded in 2016 and operated by 3 costarican professionals. Dedicating to leave a legacy of improvements in our surroundings and people for a better united costarican communities.

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Contiguo a Edificio Centro Colon.

Paseo Colón

San José, San José

Costa Rica

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Política de reembolso

Reembolsos hasta 7 días antes del evento

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