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Vegan Adventure Excursions near Valencia for families, couples or new frien...

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Catch a breath of sea or mountain air and come and experience some of the extraordinary & idyllic places Valencia region as to offer with a vegan nature lover and other vegan people. In this full day adventure, we will explore the natural beauty of the surrounding areas of Valencia that few visitors ever get to discover.

As a mom of a 2 year old daughter, I will most of the time bring my daughter along for the trip. If you are a family, then this experience is definitely for you to be with other vegan families to enjoy an off-the-beaten path experience in nature. This experience is also open to vegan couples or vegan single travelers :) The most important: be ready for an adventure, to hike a bit, to enjoy the beautiful nature and to enjoy some nice food all together.

We will pick you up from a convenient location and travel through the beautiful nature on the outskirts of Valencia, passing by small villages along the way to see some of the hidden beauty that these places hold. We will then spend time hiking (from 20 min to 1 hour hike) with sea or mountain views, swimming through the clear, amazing water of the sea, where we can explore caves, riverbed, enjoy a nice vegan pique-nique and relax.

This place is perfect in all seasons! In winter, the water might be more chill but the hike and the views won't be less beautiful!


Are there minimum ID or age requirements to enter the event?

You can come with kids. I will most probably be with my daughter as well. There is no min age, but you are responsbible for your kids. Remember that there will be a part where we will be hiking, so you / they need to be ready to follow the group.

What transportation / parking options do I have to go to and from the event?

We will meet in the city center and go from there by bus.

What can I take to the event?

Have everything needed to walk comfortably and to swim. Bring snacks and water. Sunblock and hats are recommended.

How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?

Feel free to send me a message at nparmantier@gmail.com for any question you have.

What is the refund policy?

No refund will be accepted, as once you book, I will book the transport for you.

Should I bring my printed ticket to the event?

You can show the ticket on your mobile. No need to print it.

Is it valid if the name in my entry or registration does not match the person attending?

No, it's not valid. I will check tickets and compare it with the I.D.

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