Knowledge Sharing Survey 2022 - Q/A

Knowledge Sharing Survey 2022 - Q/A

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Are you a platform manager? Is your platform sharing high-quality knowledge with your users and followers?

About this event

Study on best approaches for knowledge sharing on scientific models and methods.

FRESCI is currently conducting a study on best practices to share knowledge in different fields of application. In science, sharing of knowledge is key, but with the increasing technologic advances, the best practices to reach different stakeholders are constantly changing.

The objective of this study, funded by the Joint Research Centre, is to identify and analyse different online approaches and build an updated good practices for knowledge sharing of models and methods within and across scientific communities.

Scientific advancement is fuelled by increasingly sophisticated methods of investigation that emerge, evolve and ultimately thrive. In this context, the JRC BeAMS report suggests that methods should be the vehicle to bridge across different scientific communities to achieve greater levels of crossdisciplinarity. For that, the strategy and tactics we adopt to share knowledge about our models and methods become key.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how new innovative approaches including many based around social media allow people to interact and share information and ideas online in a highly dynamic and impactful way. However, not all approaches work all of the time and people’s preference for how to access and share knowledge within and across communities are continually changing.

Are you a platform manager actively hosting or sharing information? Then please participate in this survey.

The survey is straightforward, but it will require your commitment in terms of time and attention. To facilitate your participation we scheduled these five 15-minutes webinars in which you will be provided comprehensive information on the project and the survey itself.

The survey will remain open until 15-07-2022.

Based on the respondent willingness, the survey will be followed by a quick interview and participation in a final conference.

The results of the study will contribute to establish more effective approaches to share knowledge about models and methods in scientific circles. It will help match the format and means of knowledge sharing with the profile and needs of target groups, including using the right communication channels that ensure efficient and effective engagement.

This is also an opportunity to continue implementing the best ways of knowledge sharing to foster collaboration and innovation.

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