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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method Training in South Africa.

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Cape town, x

South Africa

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Foundations Training for Designing & Facilitating with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® METHOD. International Certification.

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Welcome to our certification programme for facilitators in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method. Our 4 day - training provides facilitators with the necessary tools to design and facilitate workshops using the methodology to unlock potential, generate engaging 100/100 meetings and break habitual thinking with individuals, teams and organizations.

The main purpose of LSP is to generate "lean in" meetings, where more engagement leads to better solutions and implementations.

By enrolling in this training, you and your team will be able to use the famous LEGO brick to build robust strategies and innovate with your clients, offering powerful innovative solutions to their organizational issues. By becoming a certified facilitator you will include a powerful method to your toolbox of solutions, empowering you and your business.

History of LSP:

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a tool developed by the LEGO® Company in Denmark, designed to generate dynamic strategies where collaborators actively participate in its development, exploration and problem solving, in any aspect of the organization.

It is based on numerous and deep research from the field of business and management, development organization, psychology and learning, and also in studies of the relationship between hands and mind (neurolinguistics and learning by doing among others).

Did you know that through your hands, your brain can generate more effective strategies than words?

It is a methodology that allows analyzing problems from a different point of view as well as literally constructing solutions and scenarios that allow us to visualize in a different way the situations that companies live in their past, present and future, where all the key people or components of the organization can participate both in the understanding and in the construction of solutions of the same company.

By allowing all people to participate in an active way 100%, allows the concrete proposals that are obtained in the end, feel like something developed and built by all and not as something imposed, allowing faster implementations and more compelling results.

The methodology is based on a series of essential beliefs about leadership and the organizations:

  • Leaders do not have all the answers. Your success depends on listening to all the people who they collaborate with him, they are involved or they influence in the subject to treat or the problem to solve.
  • All participants build and share their vision of the challenge and the problem, helping the solution.
  • Talking about Innovation, allows new ideas to appear, transform goals, and make the impossible come true.
  • By physically building your strategy, participants generate new learning, which leads to commitment to implement. People will live the strategy and start making better decisions in real time.
  • Align your team towards a central objective.
  • Today´s day, it´s a key factor to allow each team member to contribute their contributions to generate a sustainable business in the long term.

The advantages of LSP in companies are diverse, here the main ones are:

  • Development and unification of strategies, problem solving and innovation.
  • Organizational development, aligning the team to achieve objectives and promoting collaboration.
  • Effective and constructive communication.
  • Change and resolution of conflicts, identifying the obstacles and the best solution.
  • Risk prevention, identifying emerging situations.
  • Creativity and Innovation and continuous improvement.


1) Experimenting and learning the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and the basic applications of the Real-Time Strategy for companies, teams and people.

  • Obtain a deep understanding of the central process and the seven application techniques of the LSP methodology.
  • Understand the relationship between the methodology and its traditional applications.
  • Experience the LSP workshops as an end user.

2) Learn and experience the theories that support the LSP methodology.

  • Introduction to the theoretical concepts demonstrated through the methodology.
  • Learn about the experiences of workshop users.
  • Understand the critical aspects of the methodology and its applications (including the differentiation between flexible and fixed aspects).

3) Obtain the necessary knowledge to design, develop and facilitate workshops using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.

  • Become a competent builder in the use of LEGO parts.
  • Know, explore and understand the different styles of facilitation necessary for the coordination of the LSP workshops.
  • Recognize and reflect on the artificial nature of the training situation.

4) Practice the design and preparation of customized applications of the methodology

  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.Design and facilitate a segment of a possible workshop with the feedback of the trainer and the classmates.
  • Appreciate the practicality of using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.
  • Become familiar with the facilitator's manual.


• Professional consultant and facilitators

• Educators

• HR Staff

• Team leader who wants to use it as part of their leadership practice

• In-house learning and development specialists

• Company trainers

Training Schedule:

DAY 1:

8:30am - 5:30pm

All about the Core Process and the Application Techniques.

DAY 2:

8:30am - 5:30pm

Working with the Real Time Strategy for the Enterprise application.

DAY 3:

8:30am - 9:30pm

Completing the RTS for the Enterprise application and workshop Design.

DAY 4:

8:30am - 5:30pm

Working with the Real Time Strategy for the Team application.

Our 4 day training includes:


Coffee Breaks


Implementation Support

Certification and Training Standards:

A certificate for design and facilitation with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method will be provided to participants who complete the 4 day training, by The Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method.

By being able to certify yourself in this methodology, you can implement it in the following solutions:

  • Problem Solving: Analyze and solve complex problems, improving decision-making processes.
  • Identity Building and Brand Strategy.
  • Imagination and construction of future scenarios of diverse subjects, industries and businesses.
  • Team Building: build the best team.
  • Strategy Development: Create new strategies and test existing ones.
  • Change Management: Facilitate and implement structural changes, mergers and re-engineering.
  • Market Development: Mark differences with the competition and create new markets.
  • Development of the Identity of Products and Services: Analyze your products / services and propose innovative improvements.
  • Negotiation scenarios: Achieve win-win scenarios and improve agreements with others.
  • Strategy for the fusion of different organizational cultures.

Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellations must be made in writing by email to jack@inspirelearndo.com. If you are unable to attend, a substitute participant is welcome at no extra charge. Please provide the name and title of the substitute participant at least 3 working days before the first day of the programme.

A full refund minus 10% administrative charge will be made for cancellation received 2 weeks (10 days) before the course. No refund will be made for cancellation after that.

“No shows” during event days are not considered cancellations. In this instance payment will not be returned.

Contact, Info & Brochure:

Send an email to jack@inspirelearndo.com

LEGO, the LEGO logo, SERIOUS PLAY, the Minifigure, the Brick and the Knob configuration are trademarks of the LEGO Group.

©2017 The LEGO Group.

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Date and Time




Cape town, x

South Africa

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