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Hiking Europe

Hola! Hello! Hallo!

I am really glad that you all join this group!

In 2012 we started the hikes with a clear philosophy:

We want you not to worry about languajes, as in our group we are English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, French...speakers. Communication will flow among us!

We want you not to worry neither on details of the path, as in our group there are trained people with long experience doing hiking, climbing and other adventure sports.

We want you not to worry either about dates, we will organize an adventure every Sunday so you can join us several times.

Just worry about the essential in hiking:

- Bring your own food and water.
- Wear a good pair of shoes (an extra pair of dry sockets is a good idea too).
- Be responsible with the enviroment.
- Take care of your buddies as they will take care of you.
- And, the most important, HAVE FUN!!

See you soon!

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