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Mobile Talks - MWCapital

Mobile Talks is a bimonthly event organized by the Mobile World Capital, conceived as a space in which to meet and exchange knowledge on how digital trends influence the strategic fields of society and the impact that new technologies have on organizations. These morning meetings analyze the latest trends surrounding the innovation, digital transformation and impact new technologies entail for companies. They are an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, and to highlight success stories for the future development of the business community.


Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative driving the mobile and digital transformation of society while helping improve people’s lives globally. With support of the public and private sector throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain, MWCapital focuses on three areas: the acceleration of innovation through digital-based entrepreneurship, the digital transformation of industries and the empowerment of new generations, professionals and citizens in the use of digital technologies. Collectively, our programmes are positively transforming Education, Industry and the Economy. MWCapital hosts the Mobile World Congress and delivers 4 Years From Now [4YFN], a business platform for the startup community.

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