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Esencia | Flamenco in Sevilla

Flamenco Esencia es un proyecto de los artistas del flamenco mismo. Ofrecemos flamenco intimo y local en diferentes conceptos: flamenco jam, tablao flamenco (con entrada) y domingo canastero. Nos esforzamos para que se encuentren a gusto con nosotros los flamencos de la tierra igual que el transeúnte que ve flamenco pir primera vezm Nos encuenta en calle Betis 20, Sevilla donde tenemos el gusto de presentarles tapas tradicionales, buenos vinos y unas vustas espectaculares.

Flamenco Esencia is a venue with a and authentic character. Wr are a group of international artists who have created a space were everybody is welcome. We have various flamenco concepts: Flamenco Tablao with entrance fee, flamenco jam and flamenco canastero on sunday afternooon. You can find us in calle Betis number 20, Sevilla. A night in Esencia is very upclose and personal experience, with the best established and upcoming artists of Seville. And of course with excellent, home made tapas and good wines which you can enjoy before and after the show.

Because of our location, the emblematic borough of Triana, the audience in Esencia is a unique mix of people from the village, students from Sevilla flamenco schools and foreign travellers who prefer a more personal approach over the touristic places. This makes the discussions at the bar at the end of the performance only more interesting!

 Why Esencia?

Excellent flamenco
Local character
Friendly atmosphere
Homemade tapas
Personal attention