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Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites.


Mobile traffic increases and surpasses desktop volumes, publishers are required to develop a multi-screen digital strategy that adapts to trends and stays ahead of the competition. Catering to publishers 'ever-changing needs, Marfeel has developed proprietary technology that analyzes publishers' unique audience - user habits, behavior and usage patterns - and dynamically adjusts the mobile site layout, which results in maximizing readership levels, engagements, Pageviews, loading time And ultimately- ad revenue.


Marfeel's UX technology is designed to automatically update mobile content, reflecting any changes taking place on the desktop site, so that content is consistent across all channels, eliminating any need for IT support. All updates are done via the cloud, making the maintenance of mobile sites simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective for publishers.


Marfeel's exclusive partnerships with over 20,000 global ad networks and exchanges, ensuring top-paying ads from premium advertisers.


Now reaching over 500 million readers a month, the company's groundbreaking website conversion and monetization solution has been recognized by Google, forming a strategic alliance with the search engine in 2015.

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