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Art Lover Ground BCN #13 The International Art Event

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Espronceda Center for Art & Culture

326 Carrer d'Espronceda

08027 Barcelona


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Art Lover Ground BCN #13 The International Art Event

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Saturday, 25th of May from 3PM to 10PM

Espronceda Art and Culture Centre - Nave 4 y 5, Carrer d'Espronceda, 326, 08027 Barcelona

From London to Barcelona and Madrid, the International Art Event keeps growing and celebrates its 4th Anniversary!! ☺️

💥 50 Art Lovers 💥 will be showcasing their talent in the magnificent Art and Culture Centre Espronceda, from an outdoor area to 3 unique galleries.

This event gathers artists, including photographers, painters, illustrators and musicians, from all around the world, to showcase and expose their talent near one of the trendiest areas of Barcelona, Poblenou.

It allows modern and contemporary masters in their field, as well as mid-career and emerging talents to meet.

Attendees can enjoy a live music set, art performance and art exhibition.

Here is the full line-up:


Carolina Marzo (aka CortoPego) I Collage

Ines Rojo I Collage

Julia Pantkowska I Collage

Anamaria Cepoi I I Painting

DiPinto I Live Painting

Fabio Bisutti I Live Painting

MOFUTA I Live Painting

Hasnaa El Gadari I Painting

Kaoru Shibuta I Live Painting

Lou Jimenez I Painting

Mark Redden I Painting

Natalia Politowa I Painting

Pol Gorezje I Painting

Randomlovers I Painting

Sergi Muñoz Lozano I Painting

Xavi Ceerre

Cynthia Grow I Mixed Media & Illustration

Vivian Bortolotti I Mixed Media & Illustration

Eliya Akbaş I Photography

Lucie Delavay I Photography

Oğuz Meriç I Photography

Paola Idrontino Art (aka Papayapie) I Photography

Paraskevi Papagianni I Photography

Solene Milcent & Lena Weber I Photography

Vitor Schietti I Photography +Live Performance of Light Painting

Dreamedolls I + Live Painting

Nadja Sky I Sculpture & Installation

Raimon Guarro i Nogués I Sculpture & Installation

Pol Ballonga Art I Sculpture & Installation

Live Performances

Filippo Ioco I Body Painting + Live Performance

Marie-Lou Desmeules I Life Performance Video

Mago I Life Performance Video

Wide Mike I Live Band

Ema Jean I Live Band

Júlia BeatLoop I Live Band

Pieceszx I Experimental

Nahuel Mijal I Experimental

Alexia C, Paraskevi Papagianni & Marina Papagianni

Kronyk I Audiovisual

Imogen Mansfield I Dance

Las absurdas I Dance

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Espronceda Center for Art & Culture

326 Carrer d'Espronceda

08027 Barcelona


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