#Free Coding Games Night

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#Free Coding Games Night

#learntocode on the 1st Friday of Each month with your friend and family near or far! #free

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jue., 4 de mar. de 2021 15:00 - vie., 4 de ago. de 2023 15:00 PST



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Are you a #teacher?

A #parent?

A cool kid looking to learn some new coding skills?

Why not join some friends for some awesome coding fun?

We invite you and yours to #learntocode on the 1st Friday of Each month!


1. Visit https://terminaltwo.com/ and join our platform

2. Invite your favorite friends, classmates, students

3. Log in on Friday at 8:00 pm PST

4. Start one of our #LearningQuests

**The Core of Code: Simple Syntax & Javascript

** Thinking Logically: Logic and math are the cornerstones of code. The games in this bundle teach players the basic concepts that all budding programmers need to learn.

5. Take a screenshot, post it and tag us and we will reshare your score!

6. Make Fridays Learn to Code Nights!

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