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Kappou Makoto

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Kappou Makoto aúna el respeto por los sabores de la naturaleza del arte culinario japonés a la riqueza de la huerta murciana (pescados, carnes, verduras y hortalizas). El resultado de esta fusión es un maridaje perfecto entre los productos del Mediterráneo y el buen hacer de Japón en una explosión de sabores difícil de olvidar.

El Menú Degustación del Chef Makoto estará compuesto por 7 platos, 4 nigiris, 1 temaki y 1 postre. Cambia mensualmente aunque habrá variaciones diarias sujetas al mercado. El precio del Menú Degustación es de 55 € por persona (bebidas no incluidas).

Debido a la situación actual, nuestros horarios pueden sufrir cambios. Si fuera el caso, les informaremos personalmente de cualquier posible modificación o cancelación de su reserva.

Para reservar será necesario realizar un pago de 25 € (+ 1,82 € gasto de gestión) por comensal que se descontará del importe total del menú degustación el día de la reserva. En caso que los comensales no se presentaran, no se comunique la cancelación o no cancelen con un mínimo de 48 horas de antelación a la hora reservada, el importe adelantado no será reembolsado.

Por favor, no olvide indicarnos cualquier alergia o intolerancia que pueda sufrir para que podamos adaptar el menú degustación y hacer que su experiencia sea igualmente especial.

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Kappou Makoto combines a reverence for the flavours and character of Japanese culinary art with the exceptional bounty of fish, meat, vegetables and greens on offer within the region of Murcia (sometimes referred to as the ‘garden of Spain’). The result of this unique fusion provides the perfect marriage between Mediterranean produce and Japanese expertise in an explosion of flavours that once savoured, aren’t easily forgotten.

The Japanese word omakase (お 任 せ) means "to trust" or "to put oneself in the hands of the chef". Japanese gastronomy boasts a wealth of feeling and tradition that imbues it with immense depth and exquisite flavour. Omakase is one such custom, a phrase that gives the chef the authority to serve the diner whatever might arise from their creativity and inventiveness at the time.

In English, the term translates roughly as “I’ll leave it up to you” and it is a practice widely found in Japan’s most high-end restaurants. So similarly, in our kappou, the diner leaves the selection of dishes that he or she will enjoy in the skilful hands of Chef Makoto.

Chef Makoto's Omakase Tasting Menu consists of seven dishes, four nigiri, one temaki and a dessert. It changes monthly, although, in addition, there may be day-to-day variations depending on seasonal or market availability. The price of the Omakase Tasting Menu is €55 per person (without drinks).

Please note that due to the current situation, our opening hours may be subject to change. Should this be the case, we will personally inform you of any potential modification or cancellation of your reservation.

Please note that to make a booking, you will need to make a deposit of €25 (+ €1.82 booking fee) per person, which will be deducted from the total price per head of the tasting menu on the day that you/your party dine with us. In instances where diners do not show up, or do not advise us of a cancellation, or fail to cancel within at least 48 hours’ notice of the time-slot they have reserved, this deposit will not be refunded.

Lastly, please do tell us about any allergies or intolerances that you may have, so that we can adapt the tasting menu accordingly, to ensure that your experience with us is just as special.

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