ONLINE allWomen Talks #21: "13 Tips of Time Management as Product Manager"

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Welcome to allWomen talks!

Join us for our Friday talk, an intimate online discussion. We will be discussing about technology, diversity, AI, UX, Product Management and learn from amazing female experts!

For the #21 edition of our Talks we will host Noemi Martin who will be talking about "13 Tips of Time Management as Product Manager"

Tech companies often look for high performance on their teams. Productivity and time management are issues that often concerned me while I was working as a Product Manager. In my own experience, there were some strategies or "tricks" that helped me to better manage my time. But what I consider that helped me the most, was the personal development work I do. Learn to observe myself made me be conscious about the things I needed to change. That way I improved on the way I choose my priorities, my own authority and the management of my stress and my energy. I consider that these were some of the keys to provide more value without leaving all my health on it.

Noemi Martin is an experienced specialist in Mobile Apps and Marketplaces, she has worked in the Product Area for more than 6 years. Trained in Wingwave® Coaching and other personal development techniques, now she melts both experiences at FEMME VEU helping other women to empower theirselves in both professional and personal areas.

For women & allies, this is a free event. If you care about technology, diversity and AI this event is for you <3

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