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Welcome to allWomen talks!

Join us for our Friday talk, an intimate online discussion. We will be discussing about technology, diversity, AI, UX, Product Management and learn from amazing female experts!

For the #25 edition of our Talks we will host Anna Danes who will be talking about "How to create relationships and build trust in the remote work environment".

Internal communication among remote teams entails certain special aspects. In the remote environment people are faced with many challenges that lead to missunderstandings, lack of team bonding and overall lack of motivation. We will discuss different strategies that, although not replacing physical contact, do allow the members of a remote team to interact better with one another. During the talk we will go into detail about topics such as:

  • Building trusts between team members
  • Promoting bridges of internal communication at all levels of the company
  • Working with clients you have never seen in person
  • Staying productive while working from home

Anna Danes has worked in tech and web companies since 2000. In 2008, she cofounded Ricaris Have a Nice Day, a successful multilingual outsourcing company with a 100% remote team. From that experience she co-founded Managing Virtual Teams (MVT), a team of professionals well-versed in the remote work specialized in helping companies transition to the remote environment. As a remote teams expert, she has worked with companies like Infor and ComCast. She has been invited as a keynote speaker at some of the most important software development conferences in Europe.

For women & allies, this is a free event. If you care about technology, diversity and AI this event is for you <3

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< Let's start the weekend with the right vibe! >

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