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Startup Funeral

TechHub Madrid

Martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016 desde las 18:30 hasta las 20:30 (CET)

Startup Funeral

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TechHub Members 13 dic. 2016 Gratis  
Campus Members 13 dic. 2016 Gratis  
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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to three startups.

TechHub want to look at the “fail fast – learn quick” culture that is everywhere in the startup world and thought that moving eulogies from the CEOs of failed startups would be an excellent way to start. Everyone can talk about success, but it takes something special to talk about failure. Startups will often have a booming launch party, spend forever finding a cofounder and if they're lucky, get acquired by larger companies but this not the only exit strategy.So, instead of ignoring the startups that have failed to live for long enough to do these things, we want to celebrate the lives of these startups by remembering them with love.

Joining us are three founders to tell us everything and bid a tearful adios to their startup babies. Our condolences to them:


David Bonilla is Galician by adoption and marathon runner. In between races, he builds things mainly in internet. Husband of Candela. Father of two, Dani and Irene. He's currently working at 8kdata trying to build the first 100% Spanish database. He refers to himself as someone who got tired of talking and started doing things. A few years ago he made a career change and left his job at Atlassian, jumping into the startup world.

He cofounded Otogami, a videogames marketplace that also served as the foundation for Runnics, a running shoes marketplace. Otogami was designed to provide valuable information not only to final users but also to ecommerce sites, videogames studios and publishers. Back in March Otogami died for him. He sold it for an euro and joined 8kdata team as product manager. So many learnings out of it. Wanna know about them?


José Rodríguez Ruibal is a Spanish 38 year old entrepreneur who has lived more than 12 years outside Spain (France, Finland and USA mainly). He is ExIBMer, explorer, international business development expert and startups gravedigger Level 1. @joselainen

His first startup, Toucan Wireless, died in 2014 after two years of development and prototyping. It was a BYOD solution for entertainment on board (planes, trains, boats…). Passengers could enjoy of streaming content from their own devices. But not everything went as expected.


Carlos is a serial entrepreneur, writer, coach, lecturer, and teacher. Back in 2014, he wrote the novel #lovetopia, an open story of his life which includes digital technology, innovation, and business. Currently, Carlos helps businesspeople in the IT industry while exploring a better way to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs through conscious love. Apart from being himself a serial entrepreneur and an economic activist, he has a degree in economics, a couple of MBAs, and used to work as a senior executive in corporations. @carlosgoga

Carlos came up with the first universal invoicing network for administration staff and small businesses: DocOnYou. And for all those who are sick of dealing with repetitive calls, hundreds of emails and pdfs, folders, paper invoices, photocopies… What happened to it?


If you’d like to come and mourn these startups, hear their stories and learn from their mistakes then register!

18:30 Doors Open
19:00 Funeral Starts
20:30 Beers to celebrate their live, instead of crying their death

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Guarda este evento

Evento guardado

Cuándo y dónde

Campus Madrid - Auditorium
1 Calle de Manzanares
28005 Madrid

Martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016 desde las 18:30 hasta las 20:30 (CET)

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