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Virtual meeting of technology-based entrepreneurs in Southern Europe

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The TDD4Future is a space to debate content of interest to the Entrepreneurial and Innovative Ecosystem on different digital platforms and formats such as webinars, thematic capsules, pitch, round tables with investors and companies, networkings and music. Now more than ever we want to reflect with you on what future we can and want to have, and how from technology-based innovation we can help build the 'New Normal'.

The TDD4Future starts on May 14, which is also the date for the TechDemoDay celebration. From then until October 22, the new planned date of the TechDemoDay, we want you to join us from here on to our future.

We invite you to the inauguration of the TDD4Future on May 14, where we will introduce the program, engage in networking and enjoy live music.

Join us on this journey to the future!

TDD4Future by TechDemoDay



September 17th - New business model in Tourism

  • Montserrat Peñarroya, CEO de Quadrant Alfa & Program Manager Digital Business Degree of La Salle Campus Barcelona
  • Jordi Ficapal, Director of Pedagogy and Innovation and Director of the Chair of Responsible Tourism and Hospitality of the Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management Sant Ignasi

September 22nd - Blockchain time machine launch

The launch of the Time Machine will capture ideas and prospects about what the future will be like ten years from now. This information will be encrypted using Blockchain technology, created by Ékratos, a startup located at La Salle Technova, and the IBM Cloud technology.

Experts will talk about about this increasing technology and invites you to take this trip to the future.

  • Carmen Adan, Innovation Manager at La Salle Technova
  • David Montserrat Castillo, CEO Ékratos
  • Marc Rivero, Cybersecurity Master Coordinator, La Salle URL
  • Víctor López Fandiño, Technology Service Providers Technical Leader - Ecosystem Advocacy Group -IBM Digital Sales & Commercial SPGI

September 29th - Challenges for smart cities

Corporates that are participating in the Scale up Champions Program will tell us the 5 challenges that startups can solve to improve their business and create a smart city more adapted to the new reality.


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