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Five researchers and filmmakers approach the video essay from a variety of perspectives.

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Video Essays have become a key practice to understand contemporary audiovisual culture. In this October 1st Webminar, we approach videographic criticism from a variety of perspectives.


11:45 Presentation, Concepción Cascajosa (Communications and Media Dept, UC3M), Carmen Ciller (Máster Universitario en Cine y TV, UC3M) and Vicente Rodríguez Ortega (Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays)

12h Thinking through the Video Essay, Catherine Grant, Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London, and Senior Visiting Research Fellow, University of Reading,

13h No one can stop me when I taste the feeling: The pleasure of doing audiovisual criticism, Jaap Kooijman, Associate professor Media Studies and Vice-Director Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam


15:30h Back to Life: From the Archive to the Video Essay, Ana Mejón, Lecturer, Department of Media Studies, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

16:30h Sound and the Audiovisual Essay, Liz Greene, Reader in Film and Sonic Arts at the Liverpool Screen School, Liverpool John Moores University

17:30h What does a Video Essayist do?, Philip Józef Brubaker, Independent Video Essayist

The event is free of charge. Registration is required.

The event will take place online, using Google Meets

Attendees may find previous works by the featured guests in the following sites:

Catherine Grant

Jaap Kooijman

"Success: Richard Dyer on Diana Ross [and Beyond]," [in]Transition 2:4 (2016):

"Double Nostalgia in The Queen's Gambit," 16:9 filmtidssckrift (2021):

Liz Greene

Ana Mejón

“Public Controversy and Film Censorship. The release of All Quiet on Western Front (1930) in Berlin”,

Philip Jézef Brubaker

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Evento online

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