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Global Nomad Festivals

Global Nomad Festivals is a social entrepreneurship investment company

We are an international network aimed at promoting progress in certain social areas through a series of events and projects through a global cluster of collaborating organizations. Operating with its mission to channeling social aid collected through business investment.

We are very aware of the enormous difficulty of combining the fields of business development and philanthropy. However, it is our deepest belief that this path is possible with financial intermediaries and local social policymakers.

Global Nomads proposes a new system of harmonization of financial and altruistic interests based on investment and business development within the global market.

The emo of a social entrepreneur is to be very innovative and motivated people, prepared to sacrifice their own comfort and break the rules to the benefit of all. A distinct group of people who have entrepreneurial skills and a strong social mission.

Turning to opportunity perception, social entrepreneurs may see places for business where others do not because of their life and work experiences, beliefs, and attitudes. Social entrepreneurs are the people who really want to do things and see a difference, motivated by all kinds of things, not just money.

A social entrepreneur is somebody who is a visionary, with natural leadership skills who is working for the benefit of the local community. It’s not necessarily a profit-making motive, although that may be part of it in the circular movement where that money is a prerequisite for giving back to the community. This opinion characterizes those of several interviewees, highlighting the common theme – the motive for the activity, the “place” where the passion comes from.

Social entrepreneurs are to be concerned with the social environment in which they are placing their new business and about potential impacts on other community businesses or social activities. Not only do they have to make their business a success, but they must deliver social outcomes.

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