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Just Know How Coaching

Just Know How Coaching is a young company that offers various training courses for companies
and professionals on Mindset and Time Management founded by Stephanie Steggehuis.
The headquarter is located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Just Know How helps you gain insight through Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching
into your Life & Business and what needs to happen to get to where you want to be.
Understand why you feel how you feel now, what it is that might gives you that stress.
Finding out where it comes from, plus organizing a good workplace and working efficiently,
dramatically reduces your stress factors. Together we look for answers and solutions to
get started with this in daily practice!

Founder Stephanie Steggehuis was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She is certified as a 
Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Coach and has completed over 125 hours in training in coaching, human brain, psychology and mindset. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi also certify her as a Knowledge Broker, to create powerful Masterminds.

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