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Vegan culinary and artistic project focused in providing healthy vegan organic food and info about current food issues through workshop or dinner experiences.

Our goal is to create a meeting point for foodies that have an urge to become conscious of the actual food system and understand the importance of a healthy diet.

We offer a space to our members with the opportunity to organize their own vegan related events and to participate to ours.

Our regular Sunday brunch, sitting at the same big table up to 10 people, is the place to be between 13h and 18h.

Important part of our project is the process of building a garden in the location where we pop up, according to the available space, conditions and leght duration, to grow part of our supplies. At the moment we are located in Fuengirola, Spain.

Would you like to become a member and have the opportunity to be part of an amazing project 100% vegan? Would you like to propose an event? Visit our Website.

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